Art Direction, Motion Design and Cinematography. 

As an active skateboarder based in Munich, Germany, I draw my creativity upon my passion.

At the age of twelve, Dennis first came into contact with motion pictures, when he got his first camera, a Digital 8, and shot his first skateboarding videos. Creativity quickly turned into passion in his school career, and constantly grew during a short identification stage at the Hochschule Augsburg in the department of architecture and an internship at a local TV channel, and ultimately lead to his studies of media design in Munich. After obtaining a university degree and pulling off countless all-nighters in agencies, Dennis now works part-time as a lecturer at his former university, but mainly as a freelancer and is available for projects of any kind. He has worked on projects for premium companies, such as BMW, Mini, SAP, A. Lange und Söhne, and had a major sharein winning various awards for his clients. Skateboarding has accompanied Dennis ever since, which is probably why the lion’s share of his projects are related with „motion“ art or creative direction, making motion design his personal field of expertise. However, Dennis is always up for striking new paths and embarking on creative adventures – and constantly keeps the wheels turning!

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German Design Award 2015: Pressekonferenz der BMW Group auf der IAA 2013 (Blue Scope Communications/gate.11)

LOOKAT 2015: August’s best independent video: AHEAD Scotland

Art Directors Club Deutschland 2014: Nagel in Bronze: BMW Group "Pressekonferenz IAA 2013 Frankfurt" (Blue Scope Communications/gate.11)

Famab Award 2014: BMW Group Pressekonferenz IAA 2013 Frankfurt (Blue Scope Communications/gate.11)

Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 2013: BMW Detroit Motor Show (Mutabor/gate.11) 

Adobe/ MHMK 2012: 1st place Student Award


König Laurin 2016: Title Design 2016: AHEAD Scotland - Highlands statt Halfpipe

Irregular Magazin 2016: Issue 23

Huck Magazine 2015: Skateboarding and wanderlust

Monster Skateboard Magazine 2015: Droshky China Trip

Trade Fair Design Annual 2014/15

The Berrics: Watch This 2014: Dead Passion

Curriculum Vitae

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